Balloon Sinuplasty

You may be ready to give up on your chronic sinus issues when medications, antibiotic prescriptions, and doctor visits have failed. But you have options! If chronic sinus infection symptoms are causing you pain and misery and affecting your quality of life, Dr. Boger and Ear Nose Throat & Sinus Center of Orlando may be able to provide relief using balloon sinuplasty.

Minimally invasive sinusitis treatment can be a life-changer and break the cycle of chronic sinusitis. Since 2008, thousands of patients have been successfully treated with Balloon Sinuplasty, an FDA-Approved, minimally invasive in-office sinus treatment.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a procedure that Dr. Boger performs in his office. Also known as balloon sinus dilation, this procedure is a clinically proven option to restore healthy sinus function in chronic sinusitis sufferers. Patients can expect to see rapid relief of symptoms.

Catheter Technology

We use a flexible spaghetti-like catheter with a balloon tip to dilate the sinus outflow tracts. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthetic with oral sedation to keep patients comfortable (and eliminate the need for general anesthesia). First, Dr. Boger inserts the catheter into the nose and directs it to the blocked passageway. At this point, a balloon is inflated, which mechanically opens the passageway which opens the sinus to restore normal ventilation. Drainage of any secretions that have built up in the sinus can be performed as well. The catheter is then removed. Relief is immediate and can often last years.

Because of the soft and flexible nature of the catheter and the fact that no bone or tissue needs to be removed, the endoscopic balloon sinuplasty offers minimal bleeding, a quick recovery time, and exceptional safety and effectiveness. And the option exists for additional more aggressive procedures to be performed in the future should they prove necessary. The patient is “not burning any bridges” to additional care.

>Catheter Technology


Recovery from a balloon sinuplasty is quick; most patients return to their daily routine within a day. Since we only use local anesthetic and oral sedation, patients will “sleep off” the medication overnight. Some swelling and nasal congestion should be expected, and most patients feel discomfort (which responds to OTC pain medication) for a few days. Some activities, including vigorous exercise, should be avoided for several days. One follow up appointment to assess healing and proper positioning of the anatomy is typically recommended.

Next Steps

If you are suffering from chronic sinus infections and are not seeing the results you expect from frontline treatments like medications, we encourage you to visit Dr. Boger to understand more about your suitability for a balloon sinuplasty.